Such beautiful island at the East end of Meditteranean Sea – Cyprus

Early Sept-2018 Saturday
Wouldn’t hit a lottery with this timing, as Japan was hit with a super typhoon number-21, strongest in 25 years in Kinki area and a few days later, with a magnitude-7 vertical earthquake in Atsumacho, Hokkaido. Flights out of Japan were packed as passengers from Kansai Airport and Chitose Airport tried to find alternatives. Both airports suffered emergency closures due to the scale of damage from the natural disasters.

It is a sad time for many in Japan. We got on as the captain was kind to accept us aboard. Our first time to fly in A350, impressed with the technology she has. Next, we connected to a A330-300 plane for Dubai. My first time to touch down in a Middle East country. It is a 7 hours 25 minutes flight. Watched 2 movies – A Quiet Place and My Fair Lady, old, but still entertained me.
It was long direct flight into Dubai from Hong Kong. Has been a year since our last long flight last year. Thanks goodness we had a comfortable seats or the about 8 hours flight. We made a quick online reservation for Holiday inn Express, about 10 minutes shuttle bus ride from Terminal-1 airport. Hotel shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes interval, 24 hours. Very impressive, I must say. The shower water was hot even at the coolest setting. We couldn’t enjoy the breakfast included due to our flight time the next morning, having to leave hotel at 0530 hour bus. Breakfast begins from 0600 hour.
Wow, will really get to see this friend, who has left Tokyo about 8+ years ago. How time flies.

Cyprus, a country full of history, dated back to BC years (known as Kittim then), with legends of the Greek gods too. Definitely exciting when I see the name of the Lazarus, the beggar who ate the crumbles from the rich man’s table. Upon death, rested at Abraham’s bosom while the rich man was tormented in the Hades and thirsty.
Dubai airport was gigantic in size. The immigration clearance was smooth and the people, far friendlier than thought. If only we could spend more time here.
Staff stand by counter for Emirates is behind the counters of 6. Very efficient and well designed. Staff waiting lounge will indicate your status in advised time, on screen within. Everything is done without much announcement.
The airport check-in floor is quiet, though departing floor is not – full of passengers and their voices, at best. The immigration officers wear all white robe with their head cover, very neat and cool looking.
Would be fascinating to see the Arabian world. The closest I could get to the Holy Land, Israel and also Egypt. The politics have been so tricky and will not be able to visit in this lifetime, I suppose.
Looks like we will be flying through a few Arabia countries, including the top end of Israel before over the Mediterranean Sea and into Cyprus. My first flying route.
Larnaca Airport, a nice cosy airport, no air-con. The feel is very close the what Penang Island was in some 35+ years ago. The lady behind the EuropCar counter was friendly and nice though too bad, as we were given a Kia 1.4L car, instead of a Renault. Kind of suspected. We checked but the lady noted that Kia gives a 7 years guarantee, a very attractive option for them. Having driven the day for 4 days, must say that I would not be buying one with my own money. The driving feel is not stable – steering feels over light and doesn’t feel straight on a straight road. The seat contour is bad that my husband needs a cushion to better the feel of his back, while the driver’s seat, with seat height adjustment, is a bit more bearable, if you can use the max height seat position. The steering wheel tilt and reach adjustment is a plus, though. Petrol consumption is not as good as compared to other types that we have driven here and there. Tank is down to below half with just short drives upon arriving at our hotel – about 180km, 2 hours drive. Will see how it goes at the end of the our trip.
Exiting Larnaca airport, got our rental car, this time a Kia, 1.4L, dark grey was smooth procedure.

A little town that was visited by Leonardo da Vinci, whom made her lace sewing technique famous.

David’s Takeaway place – found this on TripAdvisor. About 1 minute drive from QBH, where we stay. Fabulous hosts, David and mother. Her home made steftalia pita very delicious. The hamuliu cheese pita is also very delicious. Tried the calamari plate and it was fabulous too. The squid ring is really large. For me, need to cut into 4-5 potions before putting into mouth.  By today (Friday), it has the 4th straight days of lunch there. Thanks goodness it was delicious as my husband do not want to try any other lunch places at all. Occasionally frustrating as menu gets quite bored after 4 times straight. So far, mananged to get differest choices, but it is running out. Cash-term only.
Dinner at Tak Steki Tok Thanasi – named after the grandfather, was a lovely, family-run restaurant. We went twice, the last being on a Saturday night, arriving late, around 1930 hour without reservation. Very happy to be seated after a short wait while they checked. Enjoy local wines, dips, which were delicious. I was too full to enjoy the complimentary dessert ! Complimentary “anashika” cheese dessert with nuts, herbs taste. It is of natural sweetness. It is a must-try if you are nearby. Reservation is recommended for weekend visit. The restaurant is at the corner of road. Parking square is available next to the restaurant. Credit card payment accepted.
STEPHANIE – Seems to be a friendly run place too, with nice atmosphere. The host is kind of slow but hospitable. We tried wine stewed lamb and rice stuffed olive leaves – delicious servings. Parking is available along the roadside. The restaurant is at the corner of road. Credit card payment accepted.

Nice restaurant, with garden sitting area too.
Tried their home made Lemoncello drink at the end, sweet taste alcohol. Very nice as my dessert. I am not a ‘sweet’ person hence this is great for me. My husband, though is, ordered one and it was delicious.
Dishes are delicious, chef’s compliment of salmon-roll appetiser was delicious. Menu changes hence photos here may not be available.
Parking is available in front of restaurant and along road side. Located at corner of a york road. Just be a little more careful as the road is not very wide. Cash-term only place and menu will easily be in €85+ range if you order a full course and also drink a lot.
Have been swimming in the sea, off QBH for straight 3 mornings since arrival last Sunday morning. Fabulous and the clarity is better by the day. Creation is amazing. Fishes are there and seems to increase in number every time I swam.
The very first snorkelling, almost lost my underwater camera as the string got off my neck when I did a little quick underwater to go beneath safety rope. Sought the help of lifeguards as we tried and couldn’t really get underwater to the camera. Shocking, I must admit. Mr Stellos and Mr Phynynos (pardon me as these are probably spelt wrongly) – the lifeguards, helped me get back the camera ! Truly appreciated. Can’t imagine losing the camera on day-1. Definitely remind me to never under estimate the power of water.
Tomorrow, we’ll be taking a cruise out, half-day, off to Coral Bay and Sea Caves for snorkeling, that includes a BBQ lunch. It is supposedly one of the best snorkeling spot in Cyprus. Exciting.
Have a spa reserved this afternoon. A day of relaxing and pampering. The lady was very persuasive. I suppose an enquirer won’t be able to leave without making an appointment ! Yet, no price is printed and highly negotiable, ended up with an €90- (nett) for an hour of full body massage. Credit card payment accepted.
Poor husband caught mild fever and needed rest that we postponed our half-day cruise for the day. It was wonderful that we are able to change it to Saturday, their next cruise day. Too bad the timing for horse ride is a bit hard to catch as we have a reservation for dinner this evening. It would be best to do so in the morning or late afternoon as the sunlight here can be really burning hot, and it is dry. Sunburn prevention is very important. Tomorrow (Friday), we are planning for the trip to Paphos Castle, Paphos Archaelogical Site and Tombs of Kings. Those will be probably be about 4 hours in the morning. Might be able to do horse riding in the evening tomorrow, which should have the sunburn issue, hopefully. Still the sun block cream/spray will be needed and probably highly recommended in this country.
14-Sept, Friday
The day trip to Paphos archaelogical sites were wonderful. Took a quick trip to George’s Horse Riding Ranch, managed to reserve an hour horse ride tomorrow evening, which will be by the coastline, along seashore. Too bad my better half hesitates to try due to a bad back. Otherwise the fun would be double. Apparently, I will be joining a few others as well. So fun thinking about getting to know the other horse riders.
The cruise tomorrow has been changed to Wave Dancers Yatch as the Mediterranean Diamond Yatch will be sailing. We are noted that it will be a nice one though the snorkelling spots are down to 1 spot only. Too bad.
We tried to extend our stay with QBH but room-212 is not available. Too bad. If only the decision would be faster. I had anticipated my wish to stay just by the sea, after all I am a bigger fan for sea side than mountains. Yet, I am not the only ‘planner’. Sometimes, it is a frustrating feeling. I just learn to make the most the most out of what is available,, by God’s grace. After all every single visit is a fabulous grace and gift from my Father above. This part of Cyprus, Paphos, is a beautiful area, superb for relaxing and nature activities. Close to Akamas area, where it is protected too. Highly recommended and a stay of about 14 days will be recommended for non-hurrying type of trip.
Queens Bay Hotel (QBH)
Jet lag was bad on us upon checked in. Took a little while to get used to new environment.
Ms Elena has helped us with cruise reservation and then, our need to change day due to feverish husband. Had it changed to full-day with a one-stop snorkelling and a different itinerary than the original half-day, 2-stops snorkelling cruise. Well, a different kind of pleasure. It was an all-adults type of cruise. Fantastic experience and will look forward to another in next trip.
Such wonderful hotel, with friendly and helpful staffs. The breakfast restaurant staffs are helpful too. Breakfast selection was plentiful – hot veggies, potatoes, beans, porched eggs, bacons, a few others, cold hams, cheeses, breads, yogurt, honey, marmalades, pancake, coffee makers, Cypriot coffee, lemonade, hot water, teas, omolettes made to order and fruits. Gorgeous, indeed.
The bay beach area, with a separate privately-run beach benches is very chidlren friendly. There are lifeguards, Mr Stellanos and Phynyanosus (guess my spelling are horrid) were so kind to help me get my sunk camera that has slipped off my neck when I tried to swam beneath the dividing rope). It was my day-1. Shocking indeed. To realise that I could not dive down myself, was another shock too. My salute to them again.
Gentle wave though a safety line is there to indicate more wavy seas for those who enjoy such. Over the days, we enjoyed the fishes, large and small, some look delicious ! LOL
Paphos area is closer to the Akamas area, which is a protected nature area. Would be lovely if we had the time. Parking is ample. Tennis court is across the hotel entrance, up the stairs, by the road. There is a short course for golfing and putting golf also. A private off-road big cart is about 5 minutes drive away from hotel. A supermarket and a restaurant/tavern are about 10 minutes walk from the hotel, close to the bus stops, with bus number-615, I believe.
Mediterranean Diamond Yatch Cruise
(Wave Dancer I)
My husband was down with fever that we had to swap to Saturday, our last chance to try during our stay in Paphos. The lady was kind to swap day for us though had to put on another cruise, with a different itinerary as theirs was cancelled that Saturday.
Wave Dancer Cruise was nice, with 1-stop snorkelling spot (the other have a 2-stops snorkelling stops). Waves were kind of strong hence, we were snorkelling pretty close to shore for safety reasons. Too bad, yet, safety first, indeed. Brief safety announcement made as the cruise began.
There were live music and acrobats, impressive indeed, to see this show on a cruise, in close-proximity. Incredible professionals. Bravo, indeed. Music was lovely. Well, it did turn out to be a nice experience. Very grateful that the words was kept and no misunderstanding when we made the balance payment aboard. Paid deposit with credit card through hotel, but cash-term only on board.
Brunch on board was fabulous and plentiful. The staffs were wonderful and amazed that they could remember who, when and what was the order. Just a little patience, and it will come just when you wonder if they remembered. Bravo.
Mr Andreas was clear and loud in explaining the whole itinerary. The umbrella, though opened when you first boarded the cruise, those will all be closed when the cruise began. Just bring lots and lots of sun blocks/tans with you. Recommended, really.

George’s Horse Riding Ranch
The lady Michelle was very friendly and will make you feel homely very quickly. I went alone but have a family with the same passion and enjoyed our rides to the seashore and along it during sunset hours – 1800-1900 hour. It was gorgeous ride. We passed by a stretch of houses , crossed a small road and down to off-beaten before getting to the sea side cliff where the feeling max. As the family whom had their repeated ride, I would ride again if time permitted.
Helmets are available. Casual wears and keep minimum things – camera and key-holder only, for instance. Parking is along the road side, in front of the ranch. Cash-term only. Reservation is recommended.

Ambelikos Traditional Hotel, mountain
A nice family-run hotel. Very delicious dinner and breakfast. We had room-301, overlooking the mountain, a large room that can accommodate 3 persons, spacious bathroom. Hot water runs well. 3 power outlets available beneath the dressing table. A balcony that sits 2 with a table. Fireplace is homely, and a lounge area too.
Parking is right in front of the hotel building, on the same ground floor as rooms with number 3–. You’ll need to carry your luggages down the stairs to hotel lobby/reception. Hence may be better to leave luggages in car, first and leave the carrying later, even if you ended up have to, no hurry. The hotel owner was helpful in carrying my luggage for me to our room.
Portions is big if you are used to Asian portion. They are opend all year-round, including ski season.
A definite quiet, relaxing and filled with fresh air place, a great escapade for busy, city-life.
Kykkos Monastery
Has very interesting history about its beginning – king who insulted a hermit monk – verbally and physically, was caught with teminal illness, went to ask for forgiveness and the monk, about the same time, had a ‘wish’ through dream to ask for Virgin Mary’s statue to be brought from Russia so that she could rest in the Kykkos Mountain. Interesting story to the very end.
It was a beautiful, with artefacts from early Christians too. Amazing. Some explanations including robes of the bishops and the ranks of the Orthodox order. Wall mosaics are magnificent. The main church hall is beautiful too, no pictures allowed. Same for the museum.
Parking is available close the entrance, which is not very large. Robes will be supplied if you are in very light attire – no sleeve and shorts. Lavatories are next to the museum entrance, where museum entry tickets are sold too.

Nicosia (Lefkosia)
So happy to finally meet my old friend in person. About 8+ years now. They were stationed back the States for some years, then to Cyprus the past 3 years. She was the one shout, it is safe to travel in Cyprus. Yes, it is, though I kept embassies numbers handy, did not feel I’ll need it upon arrival. Feel like 30+ years ago’s Penang ! Cyprus, very much deep with English influence, the buildings and road signs are so familiar. Instantly unforeign feel, except for our jetlag in the first few days, and different culture to Japanese.
We arranged to meet up at Ledra Arcade, main entrance, quickly understood what she meant when we got there. We managed to park by the road, next to the local bank at the advice of a gold-silver accessories merchant shop. Such friendly gentleman though we were a bit and tried to not having to get a fine for bad parking. Turned out all went well. We presented soft drinks to him on our way back.
She briefed us with some Cyprus history, as we strolled in Ledra Arcade area, took us into North Cyprus, which is controlled by Turkey and only recognised by them. Interesting atmosphere.
So good to see her in person again.
Larnaca – where airport is
Then we moved into Larnaca, to visit Lazarus Church and Larnaca castle. It wasn’t hard to find and found a nice parking with auto-pay machine with a flat charge of €2.00 or so for whole day.
Could not really read much as most are noted in Greek. Most churches are of Orthodox influence. Some re-reading made about it. 😉
We found a nice café after the castle and church visits on our way back to parking, along the Larnaca sea side drive. It sure was kind of sad that the trip was coming to an end. It certainly was a fascinating trip. My 2nd country where her history dates back to BC centuries, after China. It reminds me of how long mankind has been around, of the life and death of generation after generation, the rise and fall of nations and discoveries mankind made, some to our own horror and destruction. What a shame if mankind in this 21st doesn’t heed what our past has showed us.
Hampton by Hilton Dubai
Lovely, just opened in early September-2018, as we learnt. It’s too bad though that bus shuttle arrangement could not be made in spite of a 5 hours prior e-mail (as we made the reservation) with flight info. We ended up calling upon arrival after seeing no response. In the 0100 hour that was not helping, we ended up paying Dirham53.00 (2 luggages) for a speedy 10 minutes taxi ride to hotel. Otherwise, we have to wait about 1 hour for the next shuttle time, at 0255 hour !
Yes, the bath towels are fabulously fluffy, to my liking. Pool and breakfast-lunch restaurant are of new design. Breakfast selection was about enough – 1 type of sausage, ham and cheese. There is waffle, freshly made/order, scramble egg, juices, coffee makers, cereal, soy milk, nice 5-6 selection of breads. The reception, Mr Phanasth is a helpful, whom advised us to check in with reception for possible extension given our next flight time. Certainly a great console when arrival appeared to be confusing and shuttle service was not accommodating for late arrival.
2 bottles of drinks and in-room coffee/tea, kettle are readily too.
Power outlet, with USB ports for charging are available on near desk and bed side tables. Fantastic consideration/design indeed.
Hot water is good though water pressure seems to fall overtime. Good enough though. I like the room design a lot, nice ergonomics design.
Ahlan First Class Lounge, T1 at Dubai International Airport
It has been a while since a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere lounge being served. At HKIA, the Diners Club lounge can be unpleasantly crowded and lacking seatings.
Staffs Manning the Ahlan lounge were pleasant and very accommodating. Drinks and menu meals are served too. The lavatory were clean and spacious, with hand towels, I mean cloth towels, indeed.
Very pleasant indeed.


Corsica – Algajola, a gorgeous island

France, Corsica trip

29-August 2017  (Tuesday)

Here we go, after 3 years of no long flight due to health issues. My first try, flight to France, heading to Corsica Island. Apparently a resort island in southern France, close to Italy, especially to Sardinia Island. Homework shows clear blue sea and sandy beaches on parts of this rocky island as well. 

Lots of homework done as travel plan was quite last minute. A special a blessing as we got a firm booking of a sea view room, for the whole of our stay at Algajola. We packed with capacity of a piece for each person, and one hand carry luggage – pack a pack that includes 2 half golf sets. Husband insists on playing there too. Lol….. well, a little work for that but should be worth it. Our plays at Normandy area was memorable and well worth the effort.

At JP time, 1443 hour, we are now flying over Russian airspace, between Jakutsk and Chita. Paris is going into day light hours. Lunch in flight of JAL was delicious and glad to have 3 mini bowls of veggies among chicken cutlet rice set.

La Cave at Ile Rousse, about 15 minutes drive from Algajola, is a lovely, cosy town. It has more shops, a port for cruise ships, beach and larger parking space. There is a market place too where local products and fresh seafood are sold. Cheeses, ham, sausages and pastries and fruits.

The hosts gentlemen at La Cave have definitely caught our hearts. The agneau plate (zucchini gratin or spaghetti as sides), cheese/ formages fried are superb. Corse liqueur was treated on one evening, was fabulous though we had to struggle a little to drive back thereafter. Lol……

Corse wine was equally delicious.

Dinner back at hotel on following evenings, have us entertained with a little chatting with other diners. Auw…..  we thought we would be the furthest tourist, alas, a couple have flew from Tasmania ! Apparently transiting at Melbourne, Hong Kong and Munich. Then, there was an elderly English couple who commended us that we’d probably be the pioneer in visiting Algajola. In fact, our host noted that to us too.

I managed to try sea kayak rowing for an hour. Auw…. The fun though my wound did protest a bit thereafter. No more rowing though I had first thought of more rowing.  🚣️   Too bad. A little more patient, I suppose. No horse riding for that matter too. Aah…..too bad.

We visited Calvi, about 30 minutes drive from Algajola, further down south. There is an old fort, early 1910s. There are apartments and a special exhibition from French 2nd Parachute Regiment. Always have a special passion and salute to these in uniform. Most probably due to my own school time uniformed curriculum, Girl Guides.

Golfing at Golf de Reginu was awesome. A local Frenchman visiting from Toulouse asked to team up with us on one round as he was alone. What a small world, he was from similar industry ! JP will need generations to understand work-life balance. He was on a 15 days vacation at Corsica Island ! I thought our 9 nights were something, having to fly 14+ hours to get there compared to his 1 hour ??  Lol……

Our host gave us a brief history of the golf course. It was created by the players themselves. Originally there were 6 holes, later extended to 9 holes. A very simple clubhouse, no locker or shower facility. Cash payment for green fee, lunch of baguettes, drinks and simple gifts goods. It is a large stuffed baguettes – natural black olives, local product of hams and vegetables.


Surprised gift as we had our final breakfast from hotel host, Christine, Muscat doux, a type that quickly becomes my favourite. Mainly as aperitif.

So, the healing does protest a bit as the flight took off some 5.5 hours ago. Guess I’d better find time to rest after reaching home. Sure a little relief that I postponed classes to a week later. Otherwise my students will be seeing my sleepy face. Lol……. Now, we are in Russian airspace, over a town passed Norilsk.




2nd time for me and still enjoying it – India, this time, Mumbai

MUMBAI (almost missed sharing this and would definitely recommend a visit to India, at least, once in a lifetime.)    Visited in early 2017, January on my way back to Tokyo from the equator line. 

Plane was sitting on HK tarmac for 30 minutes before taking off…… what a surprise when I woke up from a 30 minutes dose during taxi. Then plane sat on Mumbai tarmac again after touching down for about 30 minutes ! Then the immigration queue n again for security exit. All in all, it took about 1+ hour to get out of the airport.

Flights were smooth. I slept through after meal until we almost touched down in Mumbai.

eTV past was handy indeed. Be prepared with information (hotel name, if any, parents’ name n info, contact, etc) when applying online. It can only be accepted about 30 days prior to your planned arrival date. Photo can be cropped n remember to keep file size within requirement number.

Always exotic with her culture. We visited Gate of India n. Taj Manual Hotel, having high tea at Sea Lounge. Obviously, I sampled all the local selection, tried Assam (Taj Mahal blend) n Darjeeling, Sungma First Flush, Sungma First Flush was very good.

Drove past many architecture buildings, many nice local architecture too. Chaos on roads are similar to that in Delhi. The driver is a pro for sure.

Enjoyed nice lunch at Butter Chicken Factory, Bandra. Others include a vegetarian specialty restaurant, where I got to try one pana puri, a snack that comes in a set of 6 balls. We had high tea Taj Mahal Hotel, Sea Lounge restaurant. Tried a pana puri there n aloo wadi (elephant leaf) veggies filled roll style pastry. The specialty shop Annapurna in Bandra has the better taste. I was blown off.

Visited the “Victoria” Station Terminus. Magnificent architecture indeed. The crowd was not lacking  even though it was a Saturday morning. Then we went to an Indian fusion restaurant. Enjoyed a mud crab in butter-garlic base, mushroom-tofu curry, Dal curry, roti, plain naan, lemon-soda juice. All super delicious.

Visited Haji Ali mosque one early morning. Glad that it was early as waves were almost covering the walkway that leads to the mosque from land ! We didn’t do even homework. Apparently a red flag will be hoisted at the mosque if high tide level overflow the walkway.

Took Bollywood tour, with another Mumbai newcomer too. The SJ Studio had a few filming n a dance contest programme in action going on. We were delighted to have a few shots of these n with a film star !  She was a beauty queen, indeed. Auwww………

It was an incredible 2 hours online shopping for a friend’s relative, which was originally supposedly no more than a 30 minutes plan.

Local food, fantastic n very delicate mix of spices


14-Jan.     2 hours at jewellery shop for her sister n friends 😂. Ladies never fall short of what to buy. 😀😁


Lunch place after Bollywood. Very nice delicious lamb biryani plate. Highly recommended especially in a group of 4+.  We also tried the Thumbs Up soda drink, apparently the Indian version of Pepsi or  Coca-Cola.

We also tried a dessert drink which needed a strong stir to mix the combination well.

Butter Chicken Factory

Our first time. It is located on a one way street. Very few tables for seatings thus recommended to be there early, if possible. It opens from 1230 hour.

We tried mushroom curry, butter chicken curry, naan, salted soda-lemon juices n the sweetened version also. The sides were very tasty also.

WiFi may not readily available if the owner is not around.


Mid January 2017

Went in for a cup of chai, tried desi chai n one with a special cup. A bit too strong for me.

Yes, WiFi is available. Too bad we couldn’t try other plates on menu that time.

Nice area to stroll around too with shops of clothing n snacks.


A mid-high end restaurant with choices of seafood, like crab n prawns. Crab meat in butter-garlic plate was very delicious, n freed you from the hassle of plucking out crab meat. Naan n chapati were delicious. Their specialty daal curry was good as recommended.

In nice walking location, with street vendors of sugar cane juice, fresh fruits, beans n snacks as you walk along from the Victoria Terminus to Trishna. Some nice buildings architecture to see too.

It was a comfortable stay n chat with a friend. Precious girl’s time.

Xavier, the driver was a quiet n friendly gentleman. Drove us around here n there. Wishing I was genki enough to make a trip down to Goa, a supposedly beach resort town. Would have been lovely. Wonder if the prices there was further lower in general compared to Mumbai ? Would be an added advantage, indeed.

Flights back was smooth. Healing of incision and of operation did not give me trouble nor any unwelcomed feeling. Wish I could stay on longer. If not for the visa requirement, not to mention its fee, I would happily have another visit to see my friend and enjoy India with her.  

Wow, still lingering and unfolding news of pawa hara.

Okinawa history facts are not to be altered. The current JP government is a shame and setting the wrong image for many Asian nations whom look to JP’s notion of honesty.

The geographical location of Okinawa is superb in maritime world. Though balance of power is a part of a good reason, it is also beyond doubt that US wanted to remain as part of national interest. This needs not mean that JP needs to allow the destruction of nature – a source of income for the locals and the environment, which JP has always stressed. Such a shame as Spratly Island, the environment has been destroyed in the name of economy and politics and now JP is doing the same. Hope could Asian nations grow dumber in this 21st century – destroying own backyard !

The commotion in the JP boxing and American Football sports, respective both have very egoistic leader and showed that each would not hesitate to abuse his power in hand at the expense of those with lower voice. No big surprise. See in everyday office life, with record and unrecorded small scale. This is the bigger scale only. 😊

Just realise that I forget to post travel diary for 2017. Ouch, good to be reminded through question about it. 😜

Common pawa- hara saga brought into public light

A nice, cosy Saturday afternoon,no plan for home meal this evening, hence this little easy break. On screen, Alien vs Predator movie, my all time favourite.

The much talk about the past 2 weeks – power harassing coach in the American football team of NichiDai has raised much self-reflection among the players, students, fellow colleagues and public in general. Much salute for the charged player who come to terms with his inability to say NO, when the order was not right – morally. Yet, most in JP would understand his position perfectly – unless you are prepared to be out of position, even a suggestion is a NO. It is an encouraging sign that his fellow players and other professors are standing up and give a fair words about this power-harassing leader.

The players/pupils have a lot at stake to stand up but the professors who know/see, should have stood up for them. What a shame that the saga still cause the harassed player his time and who knows how hurt his heart and mind are. His mentors have betrayed him. The parents must be so sad that they have put their young man into this university.

Though slow, at least, a few are more inclined to stand up to moral challenge.

Do not jump off a building simply because your boss asks you to – be wise n there is a God who is watching though holding onto faith may not be as easy.

Real life everywhere.

Year after year, time flies. Surely so true of the proverb that there is a season and a time for everything under the heaven.

Worldly things and fame will pass in due time. Carnal things cannot be brought into eternity world.

Life may seem long for some and may seem short for another, yet the end of everyone is the same.

Penang drivers are truly the worse we have seen to date. Though the Latinos are fast, yet they keep the basic traffic rules, making driving fun and fast and very much predictable.

So much fake//inaccurate news going around these days that one cannot simply just read and not do some homework about it, if the news is to be taken seriously.

As much as one has his preference and opinion, it is not a loss to listen and read what the other has to say. It could very well give yours a stronger argument.

Playing golf too much (every other day since the past 10 days) has my left butt hurt by now. lol. hmm…… muscles pain, probably.

It is very nice to club area being improved. The sun deck is gorgeously built n definitely looks tempting for a good day out there. (Chinese Swimming Club, Penang).

There is good and bad in everything, let`s hope that the opportunity provided by government is not loop sided to one race, after all, 2 is better than 1. Malaysia is blessed with multi-cultures, and definitely the envy of many. Why not make the best out of it instead of creating a canon-ball downward spiral among the people by playing race/religion card. No politician should be blinded by the plot of the extremist, who would wish chaos and bad for the country.

The good work of the people and the brains of the people will determine the strength of the country for the future generation. Why chase the good and smart people out of your own country ? Only enemy of the country will do so. May the government be smart about it.

Quiet, relaxing year-end of 2017 n early 2018 

Penang Golf Club, Penang, Malaysia – finally joined in for the first time Ladies` Monthly Golf, courtesy of the lady committee whom the reception introduced to me. Pretty hard to get to HC card class due to limited schedule, which is not planned/scheduled in advance. Probably simply do not take in account non-local sojourners. For new members – it seems that players` scorecard, written accordingly, will be noted and in time, (after 7-10 submitted cards), an official HC card will be issued.  May be that is why class is not taken seriously. Besides, most experienced players would know the basic except that probably the locals will need to as apparently they tend to do as they like nor care for the general well-being of the course even though they wish to play on a well maintained course, as I learn. 
We celebrated the Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner this year at the club too. Some fun lucky draws – where we got $30.00 all in all. Dishes are good for the price charged. Fun time indeed even for non-club members. 

On New Year, we were enjoying Japanese Kouhoku (Red-n-White singing contest) on NHK. It was nice this year, apparently though we could not manage to watch to the end – need to see our beds around 2300 hour. Lol……… we definitely a long siesta to do so. Aging sign ?? 

Durian stalls opposite the Penang Forestry/Agricultural Centre. Very local n has been there for the past 15 plus years. They will open n put into a taperware for take away too.  Original n branded durians are available. Original fruit will be available after 1330 hour, probably. 

There are stalls up and around the street, if you take notice of. Some could be hard to park and buy, unless you ignore the traffic.  There is one that well located in my routes that I ended up enjoying durians as meals for 3 times. Rare timing n hard to resist especially when the nutrition will be great for me as my recovery continues (since October-2016). Appetite is resuming healthily too, especially when hard core exercise has appeared to come into full swing (even better since September-2017). Exciting, indeed. 

My mom is enjoying new gadgets and picking up use of voice recognition – doing search with Siri in Chinese Mandarin. She is very happy to be able to listen to her favourite tunes now without the ability to type. Glad that she is not reluctant to try. A big bravo for a person who has little English or Roman alphabets knowledge. I suppose the advancement of China Chinese in IT has magnified and quickened IT progress in Chinese language side. 

Weather has been cool and nice with wind at times. Other times, hot and dry. 

A rare eventful return trip on flights – my neighbour bumping into my glass of water that had me changed to another seat (thank goodness that there was one) and another passenger so eager to swap seat with me though his was not in a bad location compared to mine. He was so thankful that he offered to help me with my luggage at the turn table while we waited for our luggages after disembarking our plane. 

High level or at lower level, all the same

What a shame that those in power usually ends up abusing their authority.

At a higher level, it is now getting apparent with PM Abe. Their connection scandal, the land use approval for new school. All the detail is being brushed aside. Then the rush through approval on security act against disapproval and without proper debate. Probably he feels he needs to before he is dispositioned ?

Then the Tokyo governor, Ms Koike, it is horror that public money and the issue of last misused of public money are not being outright settled. No wonder they keep on saying that budget is not enough. The daily operation cost of the new Tsukiji place is the book, despite knowing that no raw food should be placed at all ! No time spent or action taken will enable that to happen. The pros has noted that in the beginning. It is toxic chemicals, man-made and nature will not be mocked. JP government has to wake up to the reality. Imagine the public who has no where to escape when nature strikes back – Fukushima nuclear disaster and split open land.

Then there is the shameful unaccepted apology of ancient wrongs -. WW-II.  The full of pride PM Abe embolden his puppets with shameful comments of those wrongs – imagine someone reading a book of such in an APA Hotel.  Yes, general boycott is only normal.

Yet, many leaders are adopting similar stance. Perhaps, 21st century will see a new breed of political style, may it fade off as fast as it begins to save human self-destruction.  Or may be, this could help us self-destruct a little as a way to balance population and food on a scale. Otherwise we may run out of food supply in time to come. 🙂

Shame on those wild Hillary supporters 

​Trump – why the scare, the fuss. Why is he bad ? The talk/criticism during debates have always be surreal. Hillary’s mail issue is present n real, the continuation of ongoing policies, is present n real. Not enough of 8 years of current policies ?  It is just a different way of getting to a point. 
Immigration – may be Mexicans should go to Canada, why insist on USA ? 
Just as the Islam believers keep on preferring to go to a Christian-believers countries, WHY ? Is not the Arabs among the richest of the world n of the same belief ?  

I am not an American but if I would be one, I would be not happy with having my bulk of taxes paid to support allies, when general state/country support in own place is lacking. 

Similar issue in JP, PM Abe happily show off face, using tax money to contribute to ODA while social support for child care, child facilities, the elderly, for instance are at critical conditions. Worse, pension fund, with the famous 18 hours hard working salariman will not be honourable in their old age, when they are all worn out. Frankly, I believe most salariman will be better off if they took care of their own pension fund. The home hardworking wives are a proof – highest saving portion. Imagine the pension contribution fund in their hands ! How sad n such a pathetic policy. If only there is a Trump in JP, who would pledge to put the people’s interest first, before caring for other’s. I do not see how other could be happy when your own is suffering. 
TPP  — fair talk, just reciprocal 

What a fair big talk. If you were taxing beef for 38%, why can I not tax you for car, 38% ? Of course the JP is not happy, they have to give out also. What a contrary when it comes to treating others fairly for a nation who likes to insist on FAIRNESS to all. As in most cases, WORD ONLY in real life. What a shame. 
War – why only one side 

Has always been on the side thought. Of course if USA wanted to be world policeman n being acknowledged as such, then they should absorb the full cost of doing so. However, if USA is being put into such a position, should not they be compensated for the cost incurred ? Would not the facilities, equipments, for example be what naturally a government provision for her servicemen/women or they robots, who have no humane lives ? What a heartless assumption if the latter is true. 

Tsukiji – why n how did it even got approved !? 

The new building is upped. Turned out that the proposed moving date was set to be before the final ground check for safety ! How could it be the other way around ? 

It is raw fishes, mostly that we are talking about here. The underground has been poisonous for decades. Surely the JP government thinks nature can be subdued with man’s creation. So glad that Koike governess has the nerve to stop n order recheck in spite of pressure from Tsukiji ojisan association n LDP’s. 

The fact that they might HURRY the whole process in order to make way for a road that connects Olympic sites is a pathetic reason. 

Fukushima contamination is not enough, they need to create another type of contamination in another area…… 

Another show-show action, at a larger scale.