Tokyo Olympic construction number, becoming a joke in itself.

The Tokyo Olympic stadium construction is now becoming more and more of a joke saga. Thanks goodness am not the only to ask, what has happened to the original budget number ? How could the could be real number be so, so much higher. It would either be the commitee/advisor are downright dumb with numbers or simply does not care. May the discrepancy should be taken care of them, who is RICH to be begin with !!

Mind them, the general pension pay out is being cut year after year and the fact that in the next 15 years or so, pensioners would not be able to survive with that anymore ! Yet, they think tax money can be used to pay for this – simply because they want to look grand ?? What sort of a joke is that ? Has not they learn from the story of London Olympics and the Beijing Olympic ? Yes, more budgeting will undervalue the actual book, but by double the number ? Really, I thought JP is good with numbers and accuracy. What a shame.

Hopefully, someone will come to his/er senses ASAP.

1 MDB missing numbers ?

How interesting to read about missing numbers that has been rumoured the past few months, if not already more than 12 months. 1+1=2 is a nondisputable math. How can number in bank account be missing. A person with basic bookkeeping knows that. It has to be posted somewhere. The question will be more like WHERE and the challenge will be more like CAN IT BE RESTORED to the correct entry. It will become an international joke.

So much for a genuine heart for nationalism n who is in the helm now ? Why pointing fingers at non-BN parties when so far, the action has proven otherwise.

Please appreciate the real workers who worked behind the scene, making the country up n running with clean waters, food, working electricity, smooth transportation and telecommunications intact.

“The smallest action is grander than the grandest idea.” Talk only, no action means nothing n achieves nothing.

What a trip experience in 28+ years

First week was a week of recuperating for us as we were with respective illness. The first time we ended with unfinished golf round n cancelled the second golf round as we didn’t feel we would be capable to enjoy it under the hot n humid afternoon play. Too bad morning play wasn’t possible due to junior’s tournament at our favourite course.

As we were recovering, I got into dental trouble, having discovered that a crown fell down the drain in the night. Then there was the long holiday and I had to change return schedule to Thursday, 2 days earlier so as to get to dentist ASAP.

Return day turned to be a horror as urination became a problem that had me rushed to ER, Ota Rosai Hospital. Cleared the emergency temporary. Was advised to go for thorough check up ASAP thereafter.

It was the most relaxing Penang trip we had in years, that is, We were not running around for golf every alternate days. That was fun too as we do not get to play a lot in JP, given travel distance n high green fee. It is simply that time becomes so limited when golf rounds are that frequent.  

This time, we got to meet up with an old friend who happened to be in Penang too for the Labour Day holiday. Wow…….25+ years ! She hasn’t changed much. I could recognise her from afar. Too bad that another gentleman had to be missed as time to go for me came.  😑. It was more 2.5 hours for us already.  It was quite an as hoc arrangement as I caught from FB posting that she could be in town.  

The next day after arriving, and the ER run, spent another half a day plus in hospital, waiting for check up on the sudden problem. Not much was known and some result will yet to come forth. Will go back later in the month again.  

Finally got to visit local dentist on Saturday as an unprecedented check up was needed the immediate next day to follow up on my sudden ER needed treatment upon arrival on Thursday night. Shocking, indeed when nature turned on you unexpectedly. 😨

Will need sometime more as decision making here is slow.  Guess I’ll be a little more assertive in next visit as a reason for it needs to be pinpointed.  It would be wise so as to know how to cater to it when it happens again…….. My usual doctor noted that I should go to their ER next time. It could be a key to present unsolved issue too. Frankly I drag the thought of having that experience the second time !

In the meantime, counting down on the day when my tooth treatment will complete. Haven’t been able to chew properly since 30-Apr !!  

Can’t wait to play golf now……. Hopefully, we’ll be in perfect condition as time passes.

(JP) government appointed financial advisor for elderly ?

I wonder if most of the JP eldlerly were still living in the age where bad guys did not exist ? Most of these elderly peoples are seniles. The government is hoping that the neighbourhood will be on the lookout for their welfare as well. Do they no realise that there is limit to such possibility, especially given the structure of homes around JP. How sad isn’t it that as advance as this country is, the welfare of elderly (75+) is lacking family care and somehow, so secluded to themselves. Most of them are supposed to be in care-homes, for their own sake. What other proof is needed (for such need) when the elderly is so obviously no longer able to do simple decision. In a population when the working group is dwindling, will the government be able to supply such advisor to every elderly in need ?

How sad the logical and facts no longer counts. As the elderly hope to not burden the young, they are, in their decision to linger on on their own, creates the unnecessary burden to the precious young.

Mankind likes rituals and rules after all ?

It has always makes me wonder, why some young peoples, 20-40s, from around the globe flock to JP shrines and even local JP youngs, join in post-AUM cults. They have happily submit to the rules and rituals, believing that they will find peace and/or God through all these.

Yet, decades if not centuries ago, it was our ancestors who had shunned these rituals and rules that democarcy comes to birth. Mankind, since the beginning has longed for and know that there is a God, the Creator inside. Nothing in this world has fully satisfied a person – how mnay of the rich and powerful have died with much personal struggle, fearing death, even trying to stay alive.

Kingdoms and powers have come and go, just as said in the oldest book – The Bible. Lots of debates, proven and yet to be proven, about its written have been incurred over the decades. Tressure hunters use it as the start of search points.

Religion founders have all sought to provide methods to gain inner peace and reconciliation with God, the Creator. One even offer proposal that mankind will reincarnate into the next level of life, if good enough, will become a serene being, relieved from the circle ?? I assume.

Yet no mankind will ever be good enough – assuming that we could agree on what good is, to the extent of what we generally would expect of a good God.

World temptations as we may call them – fame, popularity, richness, etc……. certainly are very devil that prevent us from attaining goodness. The questions who is your supported that enables you to overcome these  evil and sees you through.

Okinawa Henoko issue – shame to JP government

ooh….. good gracious, the concrete block sunk into the ocean base to prepare for the base extension DEFINITELY IS AN ENVIRONMENT DESTROYER. No wonder even the effort to prevent the crushing of corals is not even made.

Is this only a one side push on agreement ?  How could the Okinawans voice not be respected ? They live there n their livelihood evolves from the serenity of the ocean. At this point, it surely looks like straight bullying by the JP central government, as the residents there are openly opposing the process, which destroys the eco balance.

Is JP government a puppet ?

China Chinese tourists in JP

Horror to hear reports that some China Chinese such BAD basic manners. What a shame they brought to their countrywho tries hard to regain former glory.

  • pouring buble soap into onsen
  • shaking sakura trees
  • littering
  • not queueing

…… name a few. Could not understand what has had happened to a country with 4,000 years of history, where manners n social ethics were elaborated n sort of complicated then.

May be the 21stcentury China Chinese will be better off to first re-learn their basic social manners before they travel abroad to prevent further shaming their own country. Pity the government who tried so hard to bring fame to country but only to be laughed at, given the tourists behaviour.

慰安婦-Comfort woman issue

70 years danwa in debate in JP parliament.

May true, fair n sincere words be spoken. Mr Abe will need real wisdom in his words.

What a shame that even after 70 years, the JP government is still too proud, in a negative way, to admit the wrongs of her predecessors. Always make me wonder, so much as JP likes to say that non-JP never admits wrongs, why is JP
doing the same thing herself ?

It is a well proven fact n it certainly makes the JP government looks like a clown to keep on denying the history. It is simply like saying a proven killer is not guilty ! Not even an acceptable condition even in JP’s own ancient feudal system generations.

One thing for sure, JP government n some may attempt n hope that the world will forget about this in decades to come but World History around the world, will not. JP history may not keep this record but the world is a huge, huge place. God is always there even if these ladies were all dead. Sorry for this hard fact.

Talk about social media such as FaceBook

It was interesting hearing the more senior lady on morning talk/news programme on chanel-061, SUnday Morning. She was commenting as if FB was forcing her to upload her whereabouts, when in the first place, she has the choice TO or NOT TO.

She forgets that she is controller of the info upload not the FB. She probably has a little issue with self-discipline.

FB is created with a good intention – sharing. There are many good sharing on the FB, out of good heart. These good hearts people need not give in to those who have bad intention. In fact, I see as just as the ill-meaning groups are using it to destroy society, we, the good people can also choose to group up to shield ourselves from them. FB gives us the option to block these bad entries.

Just as I say time n again, onee does not have to jump off a building as told/ordered. The world is round. Give God a chance n be strengthened in a world that seems to become more evil by the decades …….

Jordanian pilot still alive ??

As much as the worst was imagined for, the dramatic slaughtering of an gentleman with such a BIG heart is still shocking. It surely is inevitable to doubt if the Jordanian pilot is still alive at all. After all, his person has never been proven since.

Prayers for his family, which is only natural under this circumstance. Yet, the fact remains, he is the pride of the country n no doubt, his captors will not treat him well with that in mind. May strength n peace be with family n friends.

SALUTE n HONOUR to him n other hostages n the perished. YES, we the world do honour our HEROes/jihadists too.


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