慰安婦-Comfort woman issue

70 years danwa in debate in JP parliament.

May true, fair n sincere words be spoken. Mr Abe will need real wisdom in his words.

What a shame that even after 70 years, the JP government is still too proud, in a negative way, to admit the wrongs of her predecessors. Always make me wonder, so much as JP likes to say that non-JP never admits wrongs, why is JP
doing the same thing herself ?

It is a well proven fact n it certainly makes the JP government looks like a clown to keep on denying the history. It is simply like saying a proven killer is not guilty ! Not even an acceptable condition even in JP’s own ancient feudal system generations.

One thing for sure, JP government n some may attempt n hope that the world will forget about this in decades to come but World History around the world, will not. JP history may not keep this record but the world is a huge, huge place. God is always there even if these ladies were all dead. Sorry for this hard fact.

Talk about social media such as FaceBook

It was interesting hearing the more senior lady on morning talk/news programme on chanel-061, SUnday Morning. She was commenting as if FB was forcing her to upload her whereabouts, when in the first place, she has the choice TO or NOT TO.

She forgets that she is controller of the info upload not the FB. She probably has a little issue with self-discipline.

FB is created with a good intention – sharing. There are many good sharing on the FB, out of good heart. These good hearts people need not give in to those who have bad intention. In fact, I see as just as the ill-meaning groups are using it to destroy society, we, the good people can also choose to group up to shield ourselves from them. FB gives us the option to block these bad entries.

Just as I say time n again, onee does not have to jump off a building as told/ordered. The world is round. Give God a chance n be strengthened in a world that seems to become more evil by the decades …….

Jordanian pilot still alive ??

As much as the worst was imagined for, the dramatic slaughtering of an gentleman with such a BIG heart is still shocking. It surely is inevitable to doubt if the Jordanian pilot is still alive at all. After all, his person has never been proven since.

Prayers for his family, which is only natural under this circumstance. Yet, the fact remains, he is the pride of the country n no doubt, his captors will not treat him well with that in mind. May strength n peace be with family n friends.

SALUTE n HONOUR to him n other hostages n the perished. YES, we the world do honour our HEROes/jihadists too.

ISIS forgetting JP samurai spirit

ouch….. hearing the plea of Mrs Goto, she certainly sounds very accepting of the fact of the situation n only a miracle would put Mr Goto back in her hands. May God gives her strength in this difficult time.

ISIL has missed out the fact of Mr Goto`s last message video before he entered into ISIS. Mr Goto is very brave n truthful. Who knows what he has promised to Mr Yuukawa that he risked his life in search for him in spite of the situation involved. It is a modern samurai spirit in action. I am not surprised at all that JP government has expressed that they will stand by the Jordanian government n will hope to see the pilot sound n alive beforehand also. It is only normal n of true spirit.

FULL SALUTE to Mrs Goto n her family, Mr Goto, JP government, Jordanian government n the Jordanian people.

One thing for sure, ISIL has never offered to exchange for the pilot from day-1, ie, when the 2 JP were shown as hostages on screen …. hmm …. someone is practising a forbidden act, LIE.

Probably the true wish of IS ??

What a thought shared by the TV commentators “probably the real wish of the captors is to destabiluse Jordan n her people so that they could overtake Jordan thereafter, in their ripe time.”.

Thinking about it again, ut could be very true. They have been negotiating for the pilot’s exchange for months by now. They are using the JP to do so again. If such is true, it makes me wonder if the pilot is still alive and that Jordanian n Japanese probably should prepare for the worse. At the same time. The IS prisoners should be sentenced accordingly as well for justice’s sake. Haven’t they lived long enough on taxpayers’ money, compared to the pilot n Mr Goto, in comparison ?

It is also disaappointing to come across a few interviewees in Syrian that said, “…. the world made such a fuss about the Charlie Hebdo caee but there are hundreds of deaths in Syria evryday and nobody cares.”.

May be they do not appreciate the thosands of refugees who are given refuge in western Europe n around the world. On top of that by the so named ‘enemy’. The thousands of NGOs personnels who leave their homeland to care n try to create a better environment for them, yet often rejected.

May be these refugees n the calk for help should be redirected to their own Middle East countries, who are far more richer n above all, practice the same belief. I believe there is a teaching that you should take care of your less fortunate brothers…… in Islam too. What happen to obeying that part of teaching ? How sad …..

Country = database



It strucks me quietly as I keep on hearing how certain countries are drawing rules n regulations on immigration policy. Of course, in a democratic world, every country has her right to do so. Yet, it is strange to hear of policies that encourage “brain drain” flow. Why would someone want to choke himself ?

It is like you input distorted/false data into your database, and years later, complain that your analysis is not helpful. Of course it is not helpful, after all what you have inside is of poor quality data. The type of fruit you will rip will depend on how you care for your tree.

Could only wish the leaders of such countries the VERY BEST in years ahead. May be I should say, the peoples of the countries, after all, the leaders will probably be enjoying their retirement in their place of choice, with $$$ secured in offshore banks. Pity the peoples who have no voice.

Short but wonderful trip to Den Haag, Delft, Leiden and Frankfurt am Taunus


Aug trip 2014

We are aboard ANA flight to Frankfurt, my first time to be on board ANA. Interesting to realise that this flight do not offer amenities for long flight, even a pair of sock as in the old days with other flights. A hand written note is placed inside lavatory that m is night self help snacks n drinks are available in the back of cabin if needed. Very handy way to do it so as to not disturb those who are asleep. It was quite unexpected to see food trays and dishes on the floor as I was in the back cabin, helping myself with drinks and snacks. Not sure what to expect but thought meal related utensils should never on the floor. Hmm ……. have not quite seen that scene on a Cathay flight, thank goodness.

As we were waiting at Haneda airport, am thrilled to find 1-2 more restaurants that I would love to try out in next opportunity there. All the more surprised to see Setagaya ramen restaurant there too, one of my favourite.

Have not really met Kim for probably 20+ and even that was a short bumped into when we happened to be in hometown in the same day. To be spending time together was some 30+ years back. Wow……..we have aged by 3 decades !! We will going to museum together, as admiring the Girl with A Pearl Earring painting by Vermeer. Visit Den Haag, Delft and possibly Leiden. Then move on to celebrate 70th big day with a friend in Frankfurt.

We managed to make arrangement with Kim about our flight status so that she needs not wait unnecessarily at airport for us. Kim picked us up, somehow got her lost parking ticket re-traced for payment purpose. What a high tech service in use. It was very impressive too of how self check-in kiosk and self baggage tagging counter were put into work. Certainly save time and manpower.

Very difficult to drive in Den Haag, as we saw it. There are the trams lanes, cyclists lanes and roads, seemingly all intercross. At times, car accessibility is blocked, especially at certain hours of the days. I wonder GPS guiding will be liked.

We visited Kim’s apartment. Nice, quiet neighbourhood, mainly of foreigners from Turksih. In Holland, many Morrocans, Arabs, apparently are localised though a good portion of them kept to their culture and language tightly.

We went on to meet with her best friend who insisted on treating us to a better than in HK Tim sum. It did turn out delicious. We enjoyed the rare chatting at travel destination.

We headed to Mauritshius Museum, and the gentleman as entrance seemed racist, picking my unclosed bag as too big and needed baggage concierge ! Yet, another lady with similar bag size was not pointed. Grrghh…… My not-genki camera is testing my patience every time I tried to turn it on. Hopefully will find a nice replacement camera. We spent the afternoon enjoying the parliament, which is close to the museum. Such magnificent paintings, great collection. At Prince William’s Museum, a few collections were on loan from Rijskemuseum, to my delight.

Then we visited the coastline of Holland, had gorgeous seafood at Simonis. A very busy restaurant. Almost self service though the staff will offer to bring your order to table, if the dish is too big. Orders placed, then find a table and wait for order number to be called. If only our stomach could store all the dishes on offer. Certainly very tempting.

The next day, we went on our own to antique market, about 10 minutes walk from Mercure Den Haag Centre Hotel. such gorgeous day to walk. Lots of antique books, accessories, house decors and a few paintings.

Kim and Tong came to pick us for Delft visit, about 25 minutes drive from Dan Haag. There are the new and old churches, where kings and queens are buried. Heroes are rested there also. I climbed the church tower on my own as no one else is interested. Wow….. it took 40 minutes for up n down the ancient stairs. “heh……… heh….. heh…..” was my breathing when I got back down. Just about to begin church visit, Kim caught me, “where are you going ?”. “To the church.”, I replied. After that, everyone was laughing that they didn’t think I would be climbing the tower !!

The pottery visit was wonderful n the explanation, very clear. It was located by the canal, with beautifully lined houses, of the old n newer renovated structure.

As we walked on in the Delft town, looking for a table at a local cafe near the old church, a lady was very kind to comment to us we should try the appletaart offered by the cafe where we were waiting for a table. It turned to be REALLY good, indeed.

We chose steak place for dinner after the day’s travel. Wonderful, cosy restaurant, it was. As the sky would not darkened until 2000 hour, we took the chance to see the ICJ – International Court of Justice. If only we had time for a little tour inside in her opening hours.

We visited Leiden n I finally get to meet my pen friend. Such beautiful town, I must say. It was beautiful weather too. We had a light lunch at a cafe by the canal. A tried fruity beer from Belgium while I tried goat cheese with Workkorn bun. Finally got to see a moolen upfront. Apparently the caretaker actually lives in one, even training a successor, who is usually a family member too.

We managed to stop by Frankfurt office, got to meet up with a long time friend n his wife…..he was single then, some 20+ years already. Had great dinner by the river, even trying German tonkatsu.

The next day, we took a walk to Dorinth Hotel, it was about 10 minutes in fantastic weather. The duty free outlet has a nice layout. Good that we made it on Saturday as shops are closed on Sunday. Crowd was just nice too. We enjoyed the day n headed back to take a quick nap as we anticipated a late night for the celebration. it was certainly a wonderful time indeed, also meeting friends who had gathered, including the ladies who had visited Kyoto n Tokyo in June. They called us as greetings n that we’all meet in August.

The party was well planned n great entertainment was fabulous. We all had a good laugh n most danced to the good old tunes of Abba later. We haven’t danced for more than 25+ years, there were tunes of twist, waltz and tango, if you could. The hotel certainly served delicious food also. There was the ice cream cakes at 0000 hour !! It was really good but I just could not stuff it in anymore. We ‘gave up’ at around 0130 hour.

Flight back seemed more uncomfortable than going. Snacks were not of my choice as I realised from going flight. Bought a German sausage n bread near waiting gate B48, prior to boarding. However, food was not as good as when taken fresh, I must say.

Interesting reading

Interesting reading and time will tell if Mr Abe’s headache will not get bigger. Good for us if not though personally, I think the next consumption tax rise will be a killer. Dwindling population will mostly drag down general consumption and will not help boost JP economy a lot, let alone pull it out of 1+ decades of deflation.

The Economist | Japan’s economy: Fingers crossed


MH17……. Annus horribilis for Malaysians.

Prayers remain for the lost. ……… When people begins firing recklessly n irresponsibly.


Hopefully the culprits will not keep on hiding……….shame on them. How sad that the area is not opened to proper investigation n hopefully, this will remain a dream. …….

How horror to hear a JP TV commentator said this morning, “Malaysian government is not saying precisely ‘who…..’, but how could one with a legal status said such things without anything proven yet. He could say recklessly because he won’t be held responsible in time. Sorry for the public who might not reason for themselves. Such irresponsible comment simply misleads n did not help the situation, worse, hurts Malaysians in general, especially when MH370 is still being in search. Shame on him too.

Little golf n trip in Hokkaido, Lake Shikotsu and surrounding of Tomakomai

4-July, Friday
It was a not too bad drive to Haneda, boarding an ANA flight. However, time taken was note than anticipated, we grabbed breakfast from Starbucks, which is nicely located close to gate-57. Takeaway style is available. Lovely arrangement indeed when needed. Look forward to driving Honda N1 Box model. Its has a height that would not clear Tokyo’s tower parking places. Not convenient for me as I do so 6 out of 10 times. Wonder if school holiday season has begun, quite a number of children are on board.
We arrived at Chitose airport when 3 others that boarded the same flight. Wonderful to meet after many years.
A lot of uphill holes on 2nd half. Didn’t play that well but it was an enjoyable game, with a rookie in flight.

5-July, Saturday
Very nice day /had a chance to play as a ladies’ group / won championship – handi 24, score 99, beating 2 others with same total but got a lower handi. JP style hidden hole special handi. Haven’t got prize for a while but certainly nice this past month. got a prizes for kicking a designated goal number, FIFA event by Zoff, a spec shop in JP.
Prize was given to me earlier as we had to go pick up car at Chitose airport. Too bad to miss the jokes. Headed for Tomakomai with my hoped for Honda N1 Box car, where we already had a reserved table for dinner of seafood, tried chippu a fresh water fish only available for about 2 months in this season. Too bad nature of law denied me the full of enjoyment. I was looking forward to enjoying JP sake then…….

6-July, Sunday
Checked out after relaxing morning and decided to go try visiting Tarumae san (mount), which we gave up yesterday because I needed to find a WC…… There was a queue to parking area at 7-go (level). It was a nice, spectacular drive on route-141.
We then headed for lake fun area but decided to not go in as I won’t be able to stay up long enough for fun time as planned even after paying a parking charge of ¥400- per entry. had to miss the boat rowing plan and glass bottom boat ride that I so looked forward to prior. 😢. The hotel was so sweet as to allow us a room 2 hours earlier than noted, as we arrived early due to sudden plan change. We had soothing siesta on tatami room, and I did feel better. Such a hospitality. The hotel has lake cruise also which I hope to get on in our next visit……… Surely want to see the lake n her clear water…….fishes……..

We had an offer of private onsen room, all with lake view. Fantastic n lovely for me. At the least I could enjoy the natural n high iron content bath. The private onsen would cost ¥2,500- for 50 minutes.

7-July, Monday
Moved off towards Koke no Domon, then tried Tarumae san again. This time has no queue but trekking was needed even to get to panorama view point. Gave up on this time. WC at parking area has no main door, thus bees n insects were flying around / should easily take up 5+ hours / but should be lovely nature discovery trip with the right gear, especially for bear alarm.
Koke no Domon also needed 20 minutes walk to the viewpoint on volcanic sand. I think beach slipper will be great choice as shoe also. Lots of hairy worms on ground, which could be because of season (July, nearing summer time in Hokkaido). I had wet tissue to clean my leather shoe after the visit.
Too bad, the valley is now closed to public for safety reason. Postcard billboard of inner valley are put up at what used to be the entrance to the valley. It would have been spectacular if we could walk into the valley personally.
Drove back to Chitose airport was lovely, especially down from Tarumae san, the road was lined with forest trees on both sides for a while, and next to Lake Shikotsu. Apparently it is one of the panoramic driving road in JP. After the forest road, there is a portion of straight wider road as well, with nice view as well.
We made our way back to designated petrol station, where after filling in, we had to get a stamp from the station also. I imagine it is for kick back purpose. The location is good though, just about 5 minutes drive away.
A free bus to airport took us there. A had to work, I took the chance to tour the airport after taking a lunch time rest – kani miso ramen. Visited Doraemon Museum, enjoyed photographing shops and exhibits in the arcade. Wish I had more time for the onsen, which I heard has great view. i would say, Chitose airport is quite a fun place especially for first time visitor.
For the JP sojourners, do buy some fresh seafood and konbu (dried seaweed) to bring home.


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