Year end money making for bad guys too



WOW…… Broad day light bag snatching, car snatching have come to JP also.  Of course inside these are large cash amount, where collection n bonus payments are of larger amount as well.

Surely the thieves want to celebrate festive weeks too, may be giving presents to their little ones, whom I hope, will grow to have a self respect n for others, to work hard, with good ethics.

How sad, that the thieves fail to understand these victims qok hard to earn their living too, enduring life stresses rather than taking the short cut – STEALING/ROBBING.

Pretty obvious these thieves have no fear of God nor Devil, or may be devil worshipper themselves, for what else to categorise this work but as an evil work. May their end come fast.

Nagasaki Unzen

Unzen Shimabara HanTou 雲仙 島原半島

(late October-November 2015)

About 1.5 hours drive from airport to Unzen Qkamura Resort. About 35 minutes drive along mountain road from resort to Unzen Golf Links.

Unzen Golf Links – second oldest golf club in JP. Such a friendly club house, we thoroughly enjoyed our round with Hamada couple.  I cut my right index finger just before my trip n surely took a toll on my score. Yet, a fortune draw gave me special prize. We finished in good timing as rain set in. Yet, played badly. Thanks goodness I got to revenge on 2nd day play, cutting 100.  

Very nice fairway n green, challenging with an over the hill green, a dog leg fairway. Proper warning light is strategically placed.  9 holes with 2 greens setting. The in course (hole-10 to 18) is longer.

Club house is very well maintained n has a classy environment. Nice locker room n bath area, shoes to be taken off before entering. Bath area is located on upper floor.  Will be great to visit again.  

We managed to visit Unzen Ropeway yesterday. Drove along the coastline of the peninsula after passing by Obama town where hot foot is located. Magnificent view of Sea of Japan to the left.  We took lunch at a natural volcanic steaming restaurant, an array of seafood of choice n a set of special Shimabara fried chicken. Very satisfied with my plate of raw lobster (osashimi).
We rented a car (Mazda Demio) from Orix, picked it up from Nagasaki Airport. A nice, stable car to drive. Too bad it is an automatic mission. I imagine it would be quite a fun car to drive if it were a manual transmission car.  

Hygiene check needed ?


Penang cafe restaurant hygiene – Komatta.  Big dead fly buried inside toufu hot plate at YY corner cafe in Sg. Ara. Lady boss didn’t apologize nor did she show an apologetic attitude. Common to her dishes there ? Poor attitude and hygiene consciousness being the front line cafe restaurateur. Offering low end restaurant meals do not mean guests need to eat buried dead insects n to pay/accept such plate naturally. Probably she n her staffs do so happily, hence the reaction ??

For sure, that’ll be my last. Be sure to watch what you are putting into your mouth. That tofu producing shop should be checked/monitored n hope that the cafe restauranteur did pass on the bad tofu. 

Having just recovered from low days health-wise, enjoying my favourites one at a time. Missed out on several favourites with such schedule but rather be careful than sorry. Had herbal medication that helped a lot too without the side effect.  Got to enjoy my favourite pork soup noodle bowls a few times this trip but passed over laksa to avoid upsetting a nice recovered stomach.

Managed to enjoy swimming n golfing, pacing up stamina so that muscles won’t suffer shock. Hii……… Hii……… Hii……

Grace was with us as bad level of haze hasn’t flown by the island. Saw nice clear skies 80% of our stay.

We visited 3D trick art museum that has nice history display n collection. Enjoyed every aspect of the museum, especially a re-read of history. May human race learns well from history. Finally got to visit an old, old church since colonial days. The caretaker was a soft, yet tough gentleman, took some nice photo shots for my mom n I.

We read some on the spot news of a missing then found murdered top government official who until recently led a probe into the investigation of “disappeared” money from 1MDB account. How embarrassing for the government who still cannot clarify where the money has gone ! Pity the Malays majority who usually benefited a lot from the government fund !

Then there is the puzzling demonstration for the ‘benefit of Malay’, though none of their special benefits are being called to be forfeited by anyone, including the additions made since such right began. How easily can peace be threatened. How easy to fall into trap of pride n greed. May the smarter group wins over those unnecessary demonstrators. What a waste of development made to this day.  

GOLF – Managed to play 4 rounds of golf, having arrived about a week earlier. Tried Harvard GCC, Mountain View GCC, Penang GCC.  Still Penang GCC is the favourite of all, usually ended up playing there the most too.  Sadly though recently, at times, the credit card machine is not working well n cash is being requested. Big ouch indeed when cash is not carried these days, who would. It’s 21st century after all.  

Harvard GCC has great course n green maintenance. The setback would be the changing room, especially with not working locker keys n tiny storage locker. The office managing the locker is not close to the changing room, hence changing/findiy a working locker n key would be quite a nightmare. Same goes for the men’s as well.  Mountain View has much better changing room but not as well maintained course.  

70th Anniversary of WW- II in JP.

On 14 Aug 2015 9:00 pm, S-G wrote:

Finally a JP leader has spelled out the remorse, the regret and the horror done by previous JP army generals. Point by point, the understanding of their unreasonable request, first of all to their very people, the JP people, to suicide in an almost always failed mission. On top of that, they created such a shame to their country and people, by ordering massacre and general misdoings to their captives and then, tried to cover it up and hid the facts, subduing testimonies from being told. How sad.

It definitely takes a whole huge courage to admit by the present JP people, a thing NOT of their doing, nor of their choice. Yet, a fact that history has recorded. BRAVO to PM Abe for spelling it out and acknowledging that no amount of development support rendered to captured nations will TRULY COMPENSATE those wrongs, but it sure is a comfort to know that it comes from the hearts. It is also a good start to acknowledge the fact that many Chinese people had risked their lives to hide lost and orphaned JP children from unruly Chinese mobs in times of chaos and hatred, bestowed upon them by the doings of the horror armies. As said, in every war, there are always some bad generals and troops. It is more like if those were the majority. Just as in every nation, there are good and bad people. It is simply, more good or more bad ! 

Yes, so true that with that experience, democracy and freedom should be reinforced to the JP people so that such wrongs will not be repeated, if ever possible.

PM Abe is trying to be true by noting it is important to pass down the history to a nation that is now more than of 80% post-war years, without which, it will be very hard for them to learn of the wrongs and to prevent from repeating it.

If every leader will be truthful to their heart and nation, every nation has a lot to learn from history – especially of WW-II. China, for one has so, so much to learn, having throw away their thousands years’ of trials-n-errors in social skills. They now admires the beauty of such social skills as kept by JP and many others Chinese settlers around the world. How sad. If JP will take that lesson from China, JP should know well that throwing away history will be like choking oneself in the long term. China learns it the hard way.

 I am not sure about others, but sure hope this expression of remorse and acknowledgment, will be the once n for all seemingly endless call for JP apology.  WAR (to subdue others) IS NEVER WON nor RIGHT IN ANY SENSE. Let this be taken as the true apology from JP.  Repeating an apology or remorse does not in any speak louder than action, if not meant from the heart. 


14-Aug…….. n the world n JP in the 70th year after WW-II

No wonder JP is still bombardment from direct neighbouring countries n far away war veterans. Already 70 years have passed n still the leader of JP is still ignoring HISTORY. So much for a nation who insists that gaijins ‘never admits their wrongs’.  They are so themselves n it is reflected in their thought of others !

The majority of the nations are tired of mentioning n asking, may be expecting the heartfelt apology. Wonder if the JP government is not tired of this lingering evilness of their wrongs ?

In a war, no side is truljy a winner – for the defensive wars Chinese, Koreans, generally Asians had put in, their warriors DIED in thousands too. Just as the common JP who had been forced into armies, in the name of honour – though now, largely known for its wrong purposes. WOE to those generals who had dealt evilly with their subjects at conquered land n BRAVO to those who had dealt with them fairly.  If we were to be honest with ourselves, we learn a lot from history n notes of goods n bads DONE by both sides, though the proportion would be heavy on one side.  Sorry for those who were good among the bads !!  Bless their souls for their courage.

PM Abe will have to show the world n JP people how trueful he is in all the near monopoly of JP parliament, as he tries to push through this UNPOPULAR constituency change.

6-August – World’s first atomic bomb, dropped over Hiroshima

6-August 1945 – World’s first atomic bomb, dropped over Hiroshima, to bring to end WW-II after 2 WARNINGs sent. I imagine, these were not conveyed to the JP public then. No wonder most still think that JP is a ‘victim’. In a way, yes, but to their own army’s General, the 1st class war criminals. The world is the witness to this.

How pathetic to think of the restarting of nuclear power plant in JP !!   Wonder if the JP government has learned anything from the Fukushima tragedy, if NOT from the Hiroshima n Nagasaki bombs ?  It is like dropping a nuclear bomb in your own backyard.

Why surrounding nations have limited feeling about JP’s stand in post-WW-II ?  It is simply because JP has not fully conveyed the truth publicly. Why so ?  Surely we as the JP public, would like to know PM Abe/ JP government.

Tokyo Olympic scrapped stadium project, reconsider ?

Surprise or not, but it is apparently confirmed that Olympic committee has submitted study of reconsidering of scrapped stadium project back to the PM Abe !!  What a typical JP slowness in pushing for new decision n ideas.  With all these, I imagine the committee doesn’t care about the lives of those who would be doing the actual work – construction.  They enjoy the TALK about how hard life is, how great that the project is completed in spite of the limited time rather than taking pride in caring n respect for the lives of those who made it possible for the committee to BOAST.

Good for the committee that they have armies of modern day kamikaze. So sad that the government just leave them on their own in their old age.

I imagine the general public just need to sit back n  enjoy the benefit that come out of these, who cares about who is willing to work to death (sell their lives) for a selfish committee-government. Meoww…… Back to cost debate in the near future ??    LOLOL……..

200% tax imposed on imported butter in JP

Ulala…… no wonder general public is not feeling better off in spite of PM Abe’s 3 arrows shot.  It is not a new tax, it has been so for as Iong as it could be remembered. All in the hope of agricultural protection policy.

As hard as it is to keep self sufficiency policy, while keeping cheaper products from inserting slaughtering competition, it is also important to think of the dropping purchasing power of the general public, when social support is falling n net income is not rising.

With all the debating talk about tax system that Mr Piketty proposes. It is interesting but one thing that we tend to do things more n more complicatedly. If true free competition is truly practised, then would not it make more sense that a flat tax rate is imposed at all levels of income ? It would naturally be, the more you earn, the more you pay policy too.  The social support rendered will be the government’s job. To everyone, according to his needs.  Everyone will feel fairness. Basically I do not tihink anyone is happy about being ordered to pay more, proportionately than others simply because they earn more. Different job has its life span. One might have to save more for the work’s short lifespan, thus, a higher income is needed to compensate for the shorter earning lifespan.

Bravo that some governments can combined well the positive ideology of ancient times with 21st century economy complications. No one perfect solutions but each according to his needs. How far ahead can a government see n adjust plan will bring about positive progress for her subjects.  Is not that the sole purpose of a central governing body ?  Otherwise, mankind might be better off to be enjoying free lifestyle, as caveman did, though we might find system barter a good addition.

Tokyo Olympic construction number, becoming a joke in itself.

The Tokyo Olympic stadium construction is now becoming more and more of a joke saga. Thanks goodness am not the only to ask, what has happened to the original budget number ? How could the could be real number be so, so much higher. It would either be the commitee/advisor are downright dumb with numbers or simply does not care. May the discrepancy should be taken care of them, who is RICH to be begin with !!

Mind them, the general pension pay out is being cut year after year and the fact that in the next 15 years or so, pensioners would not be able to survive with that anymore ! Yet, they think tax money can be used to pay for this – simply because they want to look grand ?? What sort of a joke is that ? Has not they learn from the story of London Olympics and the Beijing Olympic ? Yes, more budgeting will undervalue the actual book, but by double the number ? Really, I thought JP is good with numbers and accuracy. What a shame.

Hopefully, someone will come to his/er senses ASAP.

1 MDB missing numbers ?

How interesting to read about missing numbers that has been rumoured the past few months, if not already more than 12 months. 1+1=2 is a nondisputable math. How can number in bank account be missing ? A person with basic bookkeeping knows that. It has to be posted somewhere. The question will be more like WHERE and the challenge will be more like CAN IT BE RESTORED to the correct entry. It will become an international joke.

So much for a genuine heart for nationalism n who is in the helm now ? Why pointing fingers at non-BN parties when so far, the action has proven otherwise.

Please appreciate the real workers who worked behind the scene, making the country up n running with clean waters, food, working electricity, smooth transportation and telecommunications intact.

“The smallest action is grander than the grandest idea.” Talk only, no action means nothing n achieves nothing.


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