Real life everywhere.

Year after year, time flies. Surely so true of the proverb that there is a season and a time for everything under the heaven.

Worldly things and fame will pass in due time. Carnal things cannot be brought into eternity world.

Life may seem long for some and may seem short for another, yet the end of everyone is the same.

Penang drivers are truly the worse we have seen to date. Though the Latinos are fast, yet they keep the basic traffic rules, making driving fun and fast and very much predictable.

So much fake//inaccurate news going around these days that one cannot simply just read and not do some homework about it, if the news is to be taken seriously.

As much as one has his preference and opinion, it is not a loss to listen and read what the other has to say. It could very well give yours a stronger argument.

Playing golf too much (every other day since the past 10 days) has my left butt hurt by now. lol. hmm…… muscles pain, probably.

It is very nice to club area being improved. The sun deck is gorgeously built n definitely looks tempting for a good day out there. (Chinese Swimming Club, Penang).

There is good and bad in everything, let`s hope that the opportunity provided by government is not loop sided to one race, after all, 2 is better than 1. Malaysia is blessed with multi-cultures, and definitely the envy of many. Why not make the best out of it instead of creating a canon-ball downward spiral among the people by playing race/religion card. No politician should be blinded by the plot of the extremist, who would wish chaos and bad for the country.

The good work of the people and the brains of the people will determine the strength of the country for the future generation. Why chase the good and smart people out of your own country ? Only enemy of the country will do so. May the government be smart about it.


Quiet, relaxing year-end of 2017 n early 2018 

Penang Golf Club, Penang, Malaysia – finally joined in for the first time Ladies` Monthly Golf, courtesy of the lady committee whom the reception introduced to me. Pretty hard to get to HC card class due to limited schedule, which is not planned/scheduled in advance. Probably simply do not take in account non-local sojourners. For new members – it seems that players` scorecard, written accordingly, will be noted and in time, (after 7-10 submitted cards), an official HC card will be issued.  May be that is why class is not taken seriously. Besides, most experienced players would know the basic except that probably the locals will need to as apparently they tend to do as they like nor care for the general well-being of the course even though they wish to play on a well maintained course, as I learn. 
We celebrated the Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner this year at the club too. Some fun lucky draws – where we got $30.00 all in all. Dishes are good for the price charged. Fun time indeed even for non-club members. 

On New Year, we were enjoying Japanese Kouhoku (Red-n-White singing contest) on NHK. It was nice this year, apparently though we could not manage to watch to the end – need to see our beds around 2300 hour. Lol……… we definitely a long siesta to do so. Aging sign ?? 

Durian stalls opposite the Penang Forestry/Agricultural Centre. Very local n has been there for the past 15 plus years. They will open n put into a taperware for take away too.  Original n branded durians are available. Original fruit will be available after 1330 hour, probably. 

There are stalls up and around the street, if you take notice of. Some could be hard to park and buy, unless you ignore the traffic.  There is one that well located in my routes that I ended up enjoying durians as meals for 3 times. Rare timing n hard to resist especially when the nutrition will be great for me as my recovery continues (since October-2016). Appetite is resuming healthily too, especially when hard core exercise has appeared to come into full swing (even better since September-2017). Exciting, indeed. 

My mom is enjoying new gadgets and picking up use of voice recognition – doing search with Siri in Chinese Mandarin. She is very happy to be able to listen to her favourite tunes now without the ability to type. Glad that she is not reluctant to try. A big bravo for a person who has little English or Roman alphabets knowledge. I suppose the advancement of China Chinese in IT has magnified and quickened IT progress in Chinese language side. 

Weather has been cool and nice with wind at times. Other times, hot and dry. 

A rare eventful return trip on flights – my neighbour bumping into my glass of water that had me changed to another seat (thank goodness that there was one) and another passenger so eager to swap seat with me though his was not in a bad location compared to mine. He was so thankful that he offered to help me with my luggage at the turn table while we waited for our luggages after disembarking our plane. 

High level or at lower level, all the same

What a shame that those in power usually ends up abusing their authority.

At a higher level, it is now getting apparent with PM Abe. Their connection scandal, the land use approval for new school. All the detail is being brushed aside. Then the rush through approval on security act against disapproval and without proper debate. Probably he feels he needs to before he is dispositioned ?

Then the Tokyo governor, Ms Koike, it is horror that public money and the issue of last misused of public money are not being outright settled. No wonder they keep on saying that budget is not enough. The daily operation cost of the new Tsukiji place is the book, despite knowing that no raw food should be placed at all ! No time spent or action taken will enable that to happen. The pros has noted that in the beginning. It is toxic chemicals, man-made and nature will not be mocked. JP government has to wake up to the reality. Imagine the public who has no where to escape when nature strikes back – Fukushima nuclear disaster and split open land.

Then there is the shameful unaccepted apology of ancient wrongs -. WW-II.  The full of pride PM Abe embolden his puppets with shameful comments of those wrongs – imagine someone reading a book of such in an APA Hotel.  Yes, general boycott is only normal.

Yet, many leaders are adopting similar stance. Perhaps, 21st century will see a new breed of political style, may it fade off as fast as it begins to save human self-destruction.  Or may be, this could help us self-destruct a little as a way to balance population and food on a scale. Otherwise we may run out of food supply in time to come. 🙂

Shame on those wild Hillary supporters 

​Trump – why the scare, the fuss. Why is he bad ? The talk/criticism during debates have always be surreal. Hillary’s mail issue is present n real, the continuation of ongoing policies, is present n real. Not enough of 8 years of current policies ?  It is just a different way of getting to a point. 
Immigration – may be Mexicans should go to Canada, why insist on USA ? 
Just as the Islam believers keep on preferring to go to a Christian-believers countries, WHY ? Is not the Arabs among the richest of the world n of the same belief ?  

I am not an American but if I would be one, I would be not happy with having my bulk of taxes paid to support allies, when general state/country support in own place is lacking. 

Similar issue in JP, PM Abe happily show off face, using tax money to contribute to ODA while social support for child care, child facilities, the elderly, for instance are at critical conditions. Worse, pension fund, with the famous 18 hours hard working salariman will not be honourable in their old age, when they are all worn out. Frankly, I believe most salariman will be better off if they took care of their own pension fund. The home hardworking wives are a proof – highest saving portion. Imagine the pension contribution fund in their hands ! How sad n such a pathetic policy. If only there is a Trump in JP, who would pledge to put the people’s interest first, before caring for other’s. I do not see how other could be happy when your own is suffering. 
TPP  — fair talk, just reciprocal 

What a fair big talk. If you were taxing beef for 38%, why can I not tax you for car, 38% ? Of course the JP is not happy, they have to give out also. What a contrary when it comes to treating others fairly for a nation who likes to insist on FAIRNESS to all. As in most cases, WORD ONLY in real life. What a shame. 
War – why only one side 

Has always been on the side thought. Of course if USA wanted to be world policeman n being acknowledged as such, then they should absorb the full cost of doing so. However, if USA is being put into such a position, should not they be compensated for the cost incurred ? Would not the facilities, equipments, for example be what naturally a government provision for her servicemen/women or they robots, who have no humane lives ? What a heartless assumption if the latter is true. 

Tsukiji – why n how did it even got approved !? 

The new building is upped. Turned out that the proposed moving date was set to be before the final ground check for safety ! How could it be the other way around ? 

It is raw fishes, mostly that we are talking about here. The underground has been poisonous for decades. Surely the JP government thinks nature can be subdued with man’s creation. So glad that Koike governess has the nerve to stop n order recheck in spite of pressure from Tsukiji ojisan association n LDP’s. 

The fact that they might HURRY the whole process in order to make way for a road that connects Olympic sites is a pathetic reason. 

Fukushima contamination is not enough, they need to create another type of contamination in another area…… 

Another show-show action, at a larger scale.  

North Korea’s missiles n underground test

Sure looking for a round of FOOD talk with countries of his favourite again as autumn n winter approach. So much money spent on these useless n unprofitable gadgets instead of feeding his majority of people. One thing that I always wonder about his subjects……. that is if the majority have access to a TV – what they think when they see his large belly when most of them are hungry for the many hours. 

All the ifs n talks…… surely 21st C has not changed much, except for the space, technological gadgets for similar ancient purposes. 


With all the commotion in the aftermath of the memorandum result, probablyit is NOT wrong after all.

Imagine the change in socio-demography and its effect on socio-economy and socio-politics make-up.

There is a reason why China impose a number travel qouta to Hong Kong after the return. HK is just a small island in comparison to the number-1 populous country China.

There is a reason why JP door has remained tight in spite of being a rich n developed country in the past 20 over years even until today, when their economy is in lesser prosperous environment.

Guess the seniors have understood n thought more deeply about the consequence of the REMAIN in the future better the juniors who mostly think that they will be excluded from EU.

It might not be easier than pre-Brexit, yet it need not be more complicated. Pre-EU has not shown such a complication.

Socio-environment will not any easier if Brexit had failed. Is that not why most are harbouring the thought of Brexit in the beginning ?

JP media has been reporting how most voters have claimed regret (cheated, lack of full info),which appears funny even to the JP. How could this be ?  How could some even say that they did not vote because they thought predicted result would prevailed as is. How true this is, is hard to know from JP.

It should not be as bad as claimed by media here…..may be most JP prefers otherwise. Wonder if those who were not regretting were interviewed at all. 

Probably, this time, it is better to hear the seniors advice.

What a shame that nature is changed by force

Such an ugly scene whenever the sky view of the look of the southern sea rock islands. One has been made into an naval port ??  Is it simply to show strength ??  Vicious strength that will be.

The strength is better shown by your ability to ignore until provoked. Just seeing the general moral of SOME public visitors to Disney, Shanghai, what a shame these local China Chinese have brought their country. 

Funny still, that the government has brought about this fall in moral which has extensive social guidelines until the whole system was abolished. Even funnier is how SOME are admiring the same positive  moral behaviour in another country, which this China Chinese have abandoned long, long time ago.

What a pity.  Wonder why would ANYONE (belief or nationality) think that knowledge works against the betterment of society ? 

AirAsia flight status

AirAsia must have an outdated system in this 21st century. To my surprise, I could checked flight status one noontime, but it wasn’t UPDATED ! In fact it actually gives false status  info. Thanks goodness a passenger can update the actual status.

What a shame that they didn’t bother about  correcting such issue even if most flights are domestic flights.  One would think time n info accuracy are money to them.

Watch your connection n info to pick up arrangement when you fly with them.

Fabulous trip on an island resort, off KLIA

My first flight on Garuda, (19-Mar, Saturday) very nice new plane A330-300. Very spacious n very nice blanket, impressive. Nice quiet lounge in TIAT at Haneda that runs the courtesy on Garuda’s behalf. Look forward to the one in Jakarta on our return.

The meal is fabulous, the steak was tender n served at the right cook. Cakes – apple tart n ice cream n chocolate cake were delicious. Must say really impressed. How sad that accident some years ago cause them bad publicity.

It was raining heavily when we reached airport n at departure time.

Made reservation for a Michelin 1star yakitori restaurant in Ginza for June, the evening before our departure. A little earlier than 3 months prior. Expecting guest from NZ who will be boarding a cruise from Yokohama, cruising Pacific Ocean side towards Hokkaido. Something to look forward to hearing about n hopefully my health won’t take a bad turn.

Flight to Jakarta cruised at over 10000m about ground level. Pretty smooth flight n we slept after lunch. Comfortable flight I must say. 

Flight on KLM certainly has triggered much sweet memory of our stay in Holland, at my friend’s place. Definitely makes us feel like wanting to visit again. 

So here we are (21-Mar, Monday), shut out from the world from now on, with only nature n golf to entertain us. At the least this place has some web connection for us to somewhat read a bit of news. Years back, we’ve been to island where web connection, TV, radio were not available. Yet it turned out to be a fabulous stay, we felt so healthy. Nature is simply amazing.

It was nice time catching up with my bro for stay n golf. Then my shoe gave up it’s sole half way. Disturbed our evening of nice dinner after golf simply to look for golf shoe. Felt bad about the whole ordeal.

By the pool side, the decor of a splashing basket upon filling up a fabulous idea. The timed sound of water splash is a soothing sound as I write n read. Aah…… will be reading so again – Melekeh (Queen) a religious suspense fiction. More interesting than thought. At this point, we have the pool side to ourselves – fantastic.

Breakfast was good as with feedback on TA. The eggs – porched n omelette are delicious. Definitely, the egg is GOOD. The chef is good at it n with the good quality of egg is surely, would cost a fortune to have such tasty egg in JP. 

Met up with our guests, who visited us with a stay n play package. Enjoyed bak kut teh dinner at Klang together, then came back to resort for golf the next morning. It was a hot day compared the day before (Tuesday). Too bad for her.  Yet we enjoyed much.

Tried leg spa massage in the late afternoon. Fantastic as I have not got a chance for a long time since we hardly did resort trip the past few years.  Look forward to another spa massage before leaving.

Meals are delicious AR the golfers terrace. We were served buffet breakfast this morning as JKR held their event here. We have more guests n others to join us by pool side today. The past 2 days were only us ! Such valuable quiet relaxing time, which we enjoyed every moment. 

Hopefully others patron will use this facility with care as they would of their house. Notice some spotting on toilet cover, flooring in our room though not extreme. It is a wonderful escapade from city, nature lacking lifestyle.  Luxury can mean  differently to different persons.   

Raining in the morning (25-Mar, Good Friday), God’s way of giving me a chance to listen in to Precept special webcast (12hours difference from USA). We golfed thereafter, supposedly hottest hours here but turned out good as we got to skip the many golfers for the day. It is a discounted green fee day. 

We are becoming like bit of a fame guests here, probably the first longest stay guest – 8 days. Everyone seemed surprised to hear us staying here for the whole week but given the activities list, the stay would be packed easily. I have to give up the mini trips to Morib village, Crab Island. I sure hope to do kayaking tomorrow after ATV ride in the morning. Already have a spa arrangement in mid afternoon.

Tried ATV motorcycles this morning (26-Mar, Saturday), animal island, kayaking. Fantastic activities, all finished off fast though the animal island is very small. Yet for RM$10- pp, it included a nice short boat ride too. We saw paragliding from Bukit Jugra, about 8 of them. Hope to try that next time.  We have too give up on Crab Island visit also. Definitely sticking to no hurry-schedule style. Why so when we will be back to real life after tomorrow.  lolol…… the laundry has piled high already. 

Easter Sunday (27-Mar, Sunday), listened in to sermon, glad to have to such feature in 21st century. What an encouragement.

All staffs are getting used to us by now, the 7th day of our stay. It is becoming homely to us. Must admit, feel like not leaving….lolol……….  Every weekend the course is full of golfers – company tournament, group tournament n even an alumni golf  event (Aston University). What a fantastic idea. 

We’ll be playing afternoon golf today, our last round in this trip. Checking out tomorrow. We’ll have a long transit in Jakarta on way back n surely lounge access will be lovely.

So…..the last morning (28-Mar (Monday) of dream-like resort relaxing has come. Still didn’t cut 90 as I aimed for.   Ugrrhhhhhhh……

Recommended reading for this golf course, though it is more from a few years back. Trees have mature more now.