Travel with elderly ………



Saturday –   It was an event being out with both in-laws, our last being some 15 years ago, probably when we visited Cameron Highlands also as part of Penang trip.  Certainly felt that age has caught up with each of us in a specific way. F-i-l  seems to have starting signs of senility…. possibly.   I guess it is part of family responsibility to keep on sending little reminders when certain off-sense questions popped in.  M-i-l seems to fair better. Probably because she is more adventurous in nature.  HK to PEN flight greeted us in first class cabin as flight was almost full. Certainly very private seat n comfortable. It will be lovely to be in one on a long haul flight.

Sunday –   P-i-l decided to go try local morning dishes near home area to our surprise.  They tried koay-teow-theng, to our surprise, found them tasty. It is a simple, chicken base soup bowl of noodle.  My f-i-l eats very strong salty, sweet dish in TK.  Visited house, enjoyed recycled goods that were given by my i-l as she clears her house storage little by little.  Played with the dogs.  We had reservation for high tea at 1885 restaurant in E&O. Meals turned out moderate although the tea choices we all had were fantastic. The finger pastries could be better, I am sure.  

Monday –  We enjoyed drive to ex-Mutiara Hotel, Tg Bungah. She is still in deprived condition, without anyone to take over the running of it. This evening we had dinner at BJCC club house. Then we  drove across Penang 2nd bridge that was opened in early March. Tonight was the last night of free access.  It was quite accidentally that A had a check late night. Our next day return flight was delayed to 1100+ rendering time for connection flight quite challenging after reaching Hong Kong.

Tuesday –  Woke up the next morning, a check showed another time reschedule to 1200+ hour, rendering time for connecting flight impossible now.  M-i-l got a minor shock n felt I’ll for a short while. Thank goodness she rested n felt fine enough to get on flight. We cancelled our HK dinner with friends.  I-l had to put up a stay in HK for next morning flight back to TK. It was at Novotel CityGate. 
Yet, we had to regroup as M-i-l felt good enough to go out for dinner.  A place near Novotel CityGate so that she needed not walk too much.  F-i-l was getting high at the end if dinner for some reason. We were quite dumbfounded n missed taking a group photo. Too bad……. 

Next morning we were supposed to meet up for flight check in at bus terminal HKIA but f-i-l was too impatient. Everyone moved on to staff counter. Thanks goodness WiFi connection at our hotel was good enough that I read Emerson’s mail in time before bus left hotel ground. Save me some heart beat missing moments…… Whew……..   Surely his senility sign has gotten stronger, I must admit. Though he would not. Normal for most at similar age. It would be quite a problem for him to travel in foreign country as contacting will be an issue when lost. Travelling according to arrangement will be the basic understanding to avoid unnecessary panic.         

Wednesday  – Finally, I get my own time back, tried to catch up with MOOC  n bible homework. Paperwork in backlog schedule.  Joined in conference dinner at Marriott. There were group performance, cake decor competition n special recognition.  I also took the chance to tour terminal 2, Aviation section, located above the shopping floor in Terminal 2. With a bad stomach, I skipped trying out the plane aviating attraction.  I tried foot massage at Wellness Spa n Massage at Level 3 also n had a lady has quite strong palms.

Thursday –  Had breakfast at Lions Rock, had quite an uncomfortable lower stomach. We had dinner with friends, such an honour indeed to visit their homes, which are on the other side of Kowloon.  Gorgeous homes, indeed. 

Friday –  We went off to airport as time for check in nears. We already checked the night before. Such lovely high tech generation.
It was a smooth flight back. Enjoyed a nice slow stay at HK since a long time ago.

MH370 With deepest sympathy


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With deepest sympathy n as much as everyone flies to somewhere these days, it could happen to anyone.

I must salute Mr Hussein n his team, who face media n especially the highly stressed n worried families concerned, who have such high level of patience n bearing with them for the highly likely loss of loved ones. Yes, they have not lied, from the beginning, they have not known the exact location, nor has anyone else. That is why the big, big number of search teams. It is such a heartful moment to know every search team has not given up search. I do believe that MAS too, wants to find the plane ASAP, wants to know what happened n why. All the questions any sane person who have. Yet, do we want false information ? Do we want them to say, ‘yes’ when there is nothing for them to follow through, to check and to dig into, simply if they could give us ANY answer NOW ?

I keep on telling/reminding myself, the families of the plane crews are just as anxious as the passengers’ by now. Assuming MAS is a true, caring company, the leaders n co-workwrs would be just as anxious as anyone else.

If anyone has a solid information about location, be it from satellite or from eye witness, let that person SHOUT OUT LOUD.  The point is many wants to find the whereabout n begin the quest for why !

Please stop asking repeated questions, as if you have just learnt about the news. Some questions have been answered more than 100 times by now n keeps me wondering if the media has not been listening at all ??  Why add to the stress as if there is not enough ? Why begin with negative assumptions as if MAS do not want to find it or as if MAS is not concerned that her plane has had gone missing at all in the beginning with no proper monitoring ?

My heart goes out to the waiting families, MAS personnels facing the crisis n search teams from countries far n near ……..

Golf tournament of MSSPP, PP, Malaysia


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Shame on the cheaters, mind you, still junior in age, though found, yet, were not disqualified from tournament. On the contrary, they were even given their medals and acknowledgment. I wonder if the organizers (mind you, these are teachers who are supposed to teach moral n rights-from-wrongs) were basically giving them nods of approval !!  

May God bless the country for bringing up these cheating children – no wonder more grown ups are finding cheating, lying such a norm. What were these teachers thinking ……. killing themselves softly, with a young generations. Even though cheating n lying are basic sins, anyone with a right mind knows that without be told/taught to the face, yet, if done, should teachers/elderly point it out to the young, so ?  

Pity the Malay girl who cried hard, who was supposedly to be in the 2nd place, yet, was denied, because the cheaters got away with a better submitted score. She has every right to be given the acknowledgment she SPORTINGLY deserved.


Media which choose to remain true n neutral in reporting should be SUPPORTED


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Bravo to those who are brave enough to say out loud about the recent NHK’s head comment n the government’s push for a new law relating to media freedom. 

For the general public, we do not need bias report. In fact, in truth, 90% of the general JP public is well educated enough to be able to decide for themselves – whether or not they are sharing their opinion openly.  

NHK should take her stand, starts asking herself what she wants to be – a YES-man or as a professional media.  

Just as some have put it, it simply shows that the JP government is not learning from history. It is a horror move when a giant media only speaks what the government wants her to say !!  No wonder the Asian region is not comfortable with JP even after 65 years.   Shame on the present JP government.  

What a shame …..

How sad that it is reported that TEPCO has decided to resume one of the nuclear power plants in spite of lingering shelter issue for the Nihon Daishin Sai survivors.

I do not think TEPCO has had left long term power plan since they built these nuclear power plants. They simply did not bother about cleaning up what will come out, what will become and what to replace when those plants age. Those TEPCO leaders have only cared about their own pockets n livelihood. While most salarymen have sacrificed their families n lives for society n country, the top few n conglomerates leaders have brushed off their responsibilities when nature proved them wrong. Shame on them for eating their citizen alive.

Now, with new report about aged infrastructure, any high magnitude earthquake will easily crumbles bridges n buildings.  Besides, how good can human tech when its foundation rest on earth herself. May be as human, we have overvaluated our ability against nature.   😕.

“If only she could be completely ignored.”



Interesting seeing the noon time news that commentators wonder why Chinese leaders seem to pull back from their usual harsh response when JP PM visited Yasukuni Shrine. (To me, always such a sorry-state given that Germany by now is no longer so condemned every year.).

I imagine to the Chinese, ‘what is the point of fighting a sinking ship ?’ Just consider the lookl at the long list of to-do, cleaning nuclear plants in Fukushima n preparing for time bomb of another gigantic earthquake, aging population, shifting public sense of work-life balance, among others. You just can’t have everything at the same time. Nature response is equal to every nation n race. I imagine Mr Abe underestimates the sacrifice of the last 2 generations. Present generation is learning to say No. There is a lady in her 60s that said, “I treasure freedom now for I have held back myself so, so much back then.’  Mr Abe will have to prepare more arrows. No doubt, everyone around, including the Chinese will take the wait-n-see. ……

The plan to clear the nature preserved for 20+ years of Kasai Rinkai Koen, certainly shows how serious Mr Abe’s government is about the importance of living in peace with nature. What a shame and waste of resources for those 20+ years.

Not facing truth and another lie in the making

History is for us to learn and respect the past, wherewith there are much truth that never made to the public.  

Recent commotion about Korea’s desire to build a memorial of An Jung-geun, is certainly raising a debate : 

- isn’t memorial of a hero of a country’s warrior is enacted in his/er own country

- should not the offended country also reflect on her past and make comment with truth and sympathy tone rather than rebuke the intention – after all even if the behaviour is childish, it is the actor who will bear the shame in the eyes of others. (Such that made by Malaysian court on the use of Arabic word – Allah – - such clear lack of historical fact – making themselves the laughing stock on world stage)

I imagine it is fuelling the continuance lack of acceptance of Japan in Asia region. No one likes to face the fact of past wrongs but, a wrong is a wrong. Give its due respect and acknowledgement and surely the wronged will be have a big heart to oversee and move on. Just as most in Europe has for Germany and her past. I am sure many want to move on also, here in Asia. This is one thing, money can’t buy.

Hence, forget about ‘exporting’ the nuclear power plants waste. It is for you to find a solution in your own soil ! Please do not lie to your citizen that there ia plan to phase out nuclear plants when you are actively trying to sell to another country, having another build this soil and human killing plants.

Professionally poor HR

News documentary about professionally poor HR – threatening decision pressing, even though they still are not firm on their own decision, when learning that applicants are also looking for another opportunity. Such black firms are becoming bossy n those inside are believing that they have the ‘power’ n ‘right’ to demand the ‘life’ of another while trying to slash cost.  I can imagine that in the end those who are inside are highly stressed themselves to the point of not knowing right from wrong, morally. Some in upper position are outrightly self-centered as they know their subordinates’ words won’t pass through them. Poor ‘firm’ with such personnels. …….

I would say, the world is round ……    Everyone is a subordinate to another.    :-)

Be fair n neutral

Recent, it has been seemingly more of a concern when hearing comments, seeing TV commentators saying phrases that kindle uneasy sense of discrimination.

Over the years as a gaijin, I learn the fact that no one, no nationality appreciate a ridiculing comment. At the least, I have not come across someone who does. It is more of the fact of how many bad apples there are that invites bad impression from outside. Obviously, even of a generally perceived poor manner nationals, it will not be like EVERYONE will be bad and vice versa.

Hopefully, as the world becomes more globalise, more will come realise this rather than just judged by the book cover.

With this hopefully, many unnecessary wars and conflicts will be pushed aside.

Cheating by high class hotel in JP

The past week, cheating of ingredients by even big name hotel in Osaka is on news – 27th October 2013 newspaper -


How shocking indeed. Even the big name Kuroneko Yamato delivery service is not doing their job sincerely. Supposedly cold storage package is not properly delivered in well-colded storeage. Hmm…….  Do not be surprised if your ingredient goes bad sooner than thought……  Ouch …….  Shame to the ‘bosses’ who decided such acts are permitted.  


Bravo to the whistle-blower and shame to the bosses who overlooked those supervisors and punished the whistle-blower instead. Well, I suppose such bosses simply assumed that whistle-blower did it out of negative feeling, instead of them wanting to point out for the good in the long run of the company.  

For some reasons, most bosses prefer to see it from the negative point if a good deed. Correction is not meant to be punished and whistle blower is pushed because bad supervisors are in cover up position and well intended reports did not get pass these layers.  Typical red tape …… ancient problem………lolol…………. 


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